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English Training

English is the language of international communication today. For any company operating on a multinational scale, whether within Europe or worldwide, English is indispensable. It is used as the lingua franca in business and technology by native and non-native speakers alike, from countries all over the world. Thus a good command of English is essential for communicating with your customers from other nations.

Unfortunately, the level of English learned at school does not meet the requirements of the jobs in industry today. As a consequence, additional language training is necessary. As language usage varies from one technical field to another, the learning objectives which are important for your specific needs can be very different from those of other companies. And that requires professional language instructors with a technical background.

What do you really need?

  • You want to get information by telephone and transfer it to others?
  • You want to have a command of the necessary small talk for socializing and get hints on intercultural behavior for dealing with your business partners?
  • You want to present a product or express yourself at business meetings?
  • You want to understand the information provided in technical texts more completely?
  • You want to communicate with technical experts from other nations?
  • You want to write technical texts in English yourself?

British English or American English?

To communicate on an international level, do you really need the Oxford English taught at school? This is primarily intended for clients in the United Kingdom; however, American English is used more frequently in global communication, particularly in IT and engineering fields. We also take this into account and adapt our training courses to your needs.

Simplified Technical English (STE)

If your company wants to communicate technical information on a global level, you should consider using Simplified Technical English (STE). This language is especially intended for writing technical documents which are to be used worldwide. Technical documentation prepared in STE is quickly and easily understood by audiences with a minimal command of English.

Information and Training - Simplified Technical English

Training courses out of the drawer? No!

For all these topics, we offer courses tailor-made for your needs, not prefabricated solutions. Why should you invest in general training courses that were designed for other purposes and only meet some of your requirements?

Tailor-made practical courses

We are committed to a training approach that has been proven for many years in practice.
We customize the training courses to your work environment, taking your requirements and goals into account. If possible, we use texts from your product range and deal with the terminology specific to your needs.
When the participants in our courses recognize the relevance to their own work environment, their motivation is considerably higher than in courses using general teaching material that does not reflect the specific topics necessary for their jobs.

Training courses

Training in small groups or one-on-one training, intensive or crash courses - together with you we will set up the course that meets your requirements perfectly.

Our know-how is based on experience gained from many years in complex business areas such as development, translation, technical documentation, product support and training.

We would be happy to provide you with the optimal English program for your company.