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Quality Management

Are you sure that your technical documentation
is of the quality required by your customer?

  • The preparation guidelines and standards are kept?
  • The technical content is correct?
  • The text is completely clear and appropriate for the target group?
  • The safety instructions are correct?
  • The logistic references are correct?
  • The translation into the foreign language is correct?
These are only a few of the important aspects to be checked in your documentation, before it is released. Correct and safe documentation is not only required by law within the scope of product liability, but it is also a commitment to your customers. Users can only take full advantage of the potential of your products if they have technically correct and completely clear documentation written in a style appropriate for them.

Quality management pays off

Mistakes are caused by weak points in the preparation process. These weak points are quickly identified by means of a transparent and clearly understood preparation process. Subprocesses are optimized, mistakes are eliminated in advance, reducing the amount of rework necessary. As a result, investments in quality management measures pay off within a short period of time.

We can assist you with the following services:

Quality Assurance/Proofreading

Working with you, we can check your original and translated technical documentation and carry out efficient quality assurance processes. Then you can be sure that the quality of your technical documentation is guaranteed.

Preparation of quality assurance concepts

You want to ensure quality in your company and introduce a quality assurance concept? You want to apply the international DIN/ISO 9001 standard for your company’s specific objectives?
Cooperating closely with you, we can prepare tailor-made quality assurance concepts for your company. To do so, we analyze your processes and interview your employees. Based on the resulting data, we prepare specific style-guides and develop an appropriate quality assurance concept.

Training - Quality Management

During our training course we will show you how to improve quality awareness in your company and how your employees can become qualified in efficient quality management.

Training - Quality Management