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Seminars - Quality Management

  • What does quality mean in technical documentation?
  • What does quality assurance/quality management mean?
  • What is the function of the DIN/ISO 9001 standard?
  • What do KVP, CIP, TQM, PDCA, QFD, KAIZEN, .... mean?
If you have to tackle quality management processes, you quickly lose track because the topics appear to be too complex. But in fact they comprise simple, easy to understand methods which require minimum effort to carry out.

Quality management is always a balancing act: costs should be kept to a minimum, however, the measures taken must be efficient. Furthermore QM must not become a rigid and bloated process connected with a high level of administrative effort resulting in additional stress. An optimal QM process is only possible if all employees identify with and contribute to the process.
In our practice-oriented training courses we convey these aspects and other essential information to your employees.

During our training course we will show you how to improve the quality of your technical documentation and how to increase your employees’ awareness of the advantages of efficient quality management. Our courses are tailor-made for specific target groups, ranging from universities, small companies to global players, from newcomers to experts. Working with you, we can prepare the optimal training course for your individual requirements.

Furthermore, we can assist you in your documentation process with these services:
  • Providing quality assurance for your technical documentation
  • Proofreading your technical documentation
  • Preparing quality assurance concepts for your specific needs
Quality Management