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Seminars - Simplified Technical English (STE)

Anyone who wants to use STE must be aware of the principles behind this controlled language and the structured thinking skills related to writing in STE. This is only possible if he/she is very familiar with the specification ASD-STE100. Thus, the goal of our training course is to acquaint the participants with the specification and its huge potential.

Training Concept

Our training concept is based on practical STE experience since 1986. Our motto: Low-Tech, Common Sense. No other tools such as checker software are necessary for the training. We use the principle of creative mental work in small groups. Combined with professional feedback, the participants experience success after only a short period of time.

Training Modules

The standard training modules are designed for different target groups:
  • Basic Level (1 day)
  • Advanced Level (2 days)
  • Experts (2 days)
The training modules can be individually adapted to your requirements on the basis of your specific documentation.

For more information, feel free to contact us.