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Technical Translations

Professional translators and techniques are required for optimal technical translations. A clearly determined workflow coordinates the work of experienced technical translators using translation memories and terminology data bases. This approach ensures high quality and consistency within the translated texts as well as low costs.
Therefore our translations can be optimally tailored to your production processes and your requirements.

We specialize in complex technical fields, including:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Defense Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Communication Systems
  • Power Engineering
  • Damage Analyses


  • German
  • English
  • Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100)
  • Russian
  • French
Quality assurance is a must in our company. Before a translation is released, it undergoes an internal quality assurance process.

Rule-based translation/editing

If you want your English texts to be better understood internationally, we translate/edit them according to rule-based aspects. The main features of a rule-based text are:
  • Short Sentences
  • Noncomplex Grammar
  • Simple Tenses
  • Unambiguous Information
Rule-based texts are more comprehensible than free texts. If e.g. texts are prepared/translated in Simplified Technical English according to ASD-STE100, they are easier understood with the result that translations into other languages may not be necessary any more.

Translation-Oriented Texts

Text can be translated more quickly and at lower costs if the original text has been prepared with translation in mind. Writing translation-oriented texts takes advantage of methods similar to those of rule-based translation/editing, such as:
  • Simple Sentence Structure
  • No Filler Words
  • Consistent Terminology and Phraseology
  • Identical Text Modules
Translation-oriented texts are highly consistent, thus optimizing the application of translation-memory-systems and reducing costs. With our background in translation-oriented writing, wed be happy to help you prepare your documentation with future translations in mind.